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Guiding you home

Summit Mortgage brings the proper perspective, partners, and tools to your mortgage and refinance journey, ensuring you’re always prepared and never alone.

A digital touch to enrich the human experience

The Ascent App puts you in control of your homebuying experience with the right technology, the right processes, and a skilled loan officer to support you. Using the Ascent App, you can search for a home, perform payment calculations, request showings, complete a loan application, securely upload documents, and receive pre-approval on your mobile device or laptop. If at any point along the journey you need assistance, your personal loan officer is only a click away.

The Ascent App is just ahead 

Navigating the mortgage process with you

Like most first-time homebuyers, you begin with a dream. Between you and that dream is a rocky landscape. When you pick the right path you find yourself at the summit opening the door of your first home. Summit Mortgage helps you along the way by offering the guidance you’ll need to navigate a mountain of decisions involving where to live, what kind of home to buy, and which program is best for your financial situation.

Scout the homebuying trail  

Get outfitted with the right loan officer

Choosing the right guide is among the most important decisions you can make when planning a journey. Summit Mortgage loan officers are trail-tested guides who know the way and are supported by an experienced team. Begin your journey by choosing the loan officer that will guide you to the summit.

Join the hike by choosing a loan officer 

Explore your mortgage program options

What’s your summit? A starter home? Vacation property? Or perhaps you want to remodel your current home to its peak potential. A personal loan officer from Summit Mortgage will shine their lantern on the mortgage or refinance program that is best for your needs and budget.

Mortgage Programs 

The All New Summit Mortgage Ascent App

A GPS for your homebuying journey

Start your homebuying or refinancing expedition with the right tools. Equip yourself for success with the Ascent App from Summit Mortgage. It’ll keep you connected to your loan officer, help you shop for a home, calculate what you can afford, and apply for a mortgage or refi. Best of all, using the Ascent App, you can go solo, have your loan officer do the work for you or find a balance somewhere in between. It’s your journey so it’s up to you.

Find your way with the Ascent App
$10,000 Underwriting Guarantee

$10,000 Underwriting Guarantee

Make an offer with confidence! For qualifying borrowers, if your loan doesn’t close, we’ll pay the seller $10,000 out of our own pocket. Some limitations may apply, ask one of our loan officers for more information!

Summit Mortgage blog

Check out the Summit Mortgage blog 

Become a Summit Mortgage loan officer

Summit Mortgage gives loan officers access to the support and resources of a national lender while allowing you the freedom and flexibility to manage client relationships your way. We work with multiple investors, hedge funds, and warehouse lines to deliver the buying power you need, while our in-house operations and marketing teams provide the support you deserve.

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